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  1. Hello, Mrs. Shepherd! I wanted to email you a response to a question you left on our blog about assessing for Reading Workshop, but I couldn't find a place to email you. I hope it's ok that I'm responding on your blog!!
    For Reading Workshop Assessment...
    For us, we start the year with reading interviews where we ask the kids about what types of books they like to read, what they do when they come to a tricky word, if they think reading is easy or hard, etc. We also hold informal reading conferences where we look through their book selections (are they choosing books at their just-right level, what genres are they reading, are they completing their reading contract choice boards) and look at what strategies they are using. We also look through their reading logs to see how many books they are reading and what types they are selecting. At this time we might also listen to them read to record their fluency rate, decoding skills, and comprehension of the text.
    In addition to this, we also use Reading Contracts. With these, the students choose different graphic organizers to complete during their independent reading time. These, along with other reading responses, give us a nice picture of their understanding of the text. We also take anecdotal records during guided reading time.
    As for formal assessments, our district uses Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System to determine the student’s instructional reading level.
    I hope this helps!!
    You have a great blog!
    Nicole :)
    Lesson Plan SOS


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