Friday Fun

I would like to begin this post with congratulating one of my 4th grade students. Aliyah's writing was selected to be published in the prestigious annual students anthology, Award-Winning Young Writers of America-2012! She received a golden envelope with details explaining her award. Congrats Aliyah!

Our Friday began with students sharing their Genius Paragraphs they wrote on Thursday. Here's a look at our Top Three Writers for the week. They were very excited about their award! Students will continue to practice their writing this coming week and the Top Writers will be chosen again this coming Friday.

Then out for our Field Day Event, which was almost cancelled completely due to the rain. The PE staff ended up working out where we were able to participate in 3 of the 6 events held under our covered pavilion. We will complete the remainder of Field Day tomorrow due to the rain on Friday. 

The Egg Race Relay

 Basket Ball Throw

Not pictured was the bean bag toss, which I competed in. I ended up in the finals, but lost to Mr. D another 4th grade teacher.

Then our Trucker Buddy came to visit. He shared a few pictures of his travels and answered a lot of questions from the students. We were all excited about his visit, and are looking forward to communicating with him during our last week of school through Edmodo.

Finally, my partner teacher Mrs. Wilson had a lawyer come and speak to the students.

What a FUN filled Friday we had!

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