The Fun Never Ends

The Fun Never Ends in Room 3. My Shining Stars will compete against the Shooting Stars on Friday during Field Day. So, to prepare for the big day we began with tie-dying our shirts for Friday. I really thought my bright idea of tie- dying was going to be a complete mess, but it actually turned out incredibly awesome. Each of the six fourth grade classes chose a color and ours was blue. I really couldn't remember how to tie-dye a shirt considering the last time I did this was when I was in middle school. So of course I went to my great friend Google to search how to tie-dye, and of course I found a great video that showed us how to make spirals. So we did just that! You can see below how some of our shirts
came out.

Here is one of our parent volunteers who came out to help us tie-dye the shirts. You can see here the Shooting Stars color, red, for  Field Day.

While was I calling tables out to come and dip their shirts the rest of the class was completing their Genius Paragraph for the Day and then moving on to centers.

Here is one group using WorldBook Online Encyclopedia for Kids to write a report about their animal. We are really learning a lot about animals. Did you know that a ladybug plays dead to protect itself and emits blood from its legs to scare away its predator? That is so cool!

Here's the next group using the iPads to create a presentation using the Keynote App. I gave them choice today to either use the App or post their Genius Paragraph on their blog. Most of them chose to create the slideshow presentation.

Next, is a picture of students working on their passion project. Something else we are all looking forward to on the second to last day of school. They are responding to the next set of reflection questions on their blog. We would love some comments! Click here! 

Here the students are working through Edmodo on their chapter book. This week they are watching a preview of the movie, answering a poll, and taking a quiz. I've been having trouble with the quiz maker on Edmodo. It is not accepting all my students answers. Not sure why? I haven't figured out if it is the a student error or Edmodo error. Due to the error, though, my students are going to have to take a paper and pencil test on Friday instead. 

Last but not least here is a group working on their paper slideshow. We will try to complete this project by  the end of this week or middle of next. My plan is for students to use the flip cameras to record a partner and then we will upload to Edmodo for our book club classes in Kansas and Colorado.

Did I mention we are having a Ma Spa Day on Thursday? We are really looking forward to pampering our moms and some of our teachers. Tomorrow our Choir, Ballroom dancers and Cheerleaders perform. Like I said in the beginning the FUN NEVER ENDS!

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