Wrapping Up the End of the Year

The last few weeks of school my Shining and Shooting Stars have been working collaboratively and diligently on a plethora of Reading and Technology Centers. This past week students wrapped up their projects by putting the finishing touches on each and every one.

Students worked effortlessly and collaboratively at the Animal Research center. My students used a template that I purchased from Lifein4B's TPT store to fill in using the Kids World Book Encyclopedia and an animal brochure as their resources to gather information about their chosen animal. Once they filled in the template, they then published their report on their blog. Finally, I taught them how to copy and paste their information into a Word Document and add a picture of their animal from the internet. Here's a look at the brochure and the completed projects hanging up outside our classroom.

Students also wrapped up their Book Report Paper Slideshow on their chapter book James and the Giant Peach. We watched the movie on Thursday and during the movie I called a few students out in the hallway to film them presenting their Book Reports. I used my iPhone to record this time because the 4 flip cameras I have are no longer working. They just stopped!!! So crazy! If anyone has an answer to this please let me know. Here's a sample of a few of the slideshows the audio is very low, but I think you will get the idea.

After the movie students folded their Inferencing Cootie Catchers I purchased from Runde's Room's TPT store. These were a hit! Students were engaged in purposeful talk for no kidding at least 15 minutes. They first paired up with the person across from them and then after the 3 minute timer went off I called, "Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up" and they found a new partner. We did this several times. I even had a guest walk in the room to ask me a question and they took charge and found new partners. I guess they can run the room without me.

BTW... I am so proud of my Shining and Shooting Stars. We received our state test results on Friday and they did awesome!!! My 4th graders this year are the highest scoring group I've had in nine years. I have to thank all the wonderful blogs I follow for the many wonderful ideas I have implemented into my classroom this year, my assistant principal Mrs. Howard and Title 1 colleague Mrs. St. Romain for the PD they have given us this year, Maria our Balanced Literacy Coach, Mr. Martinez my ELA partner teacher and Mrs. Wilson my other partner teacher.

We are Shining!!!

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